30 January 2024

Lev Horodyskyj


It’s the start of a new year (and the 5th year of Science Voices!) and I am happy to announce that Cohort 1 has completed the Greenworks teacher development program late last year and are well on their way to implementing Greenworks environmental stewardship projects with their students.  Read below for more details and updates on other work at Science Voices.

Happy 5th Birthday!

January 31st marks the 5th birthday of Science Voices!  We are eternally grateful to all our volunteers, donors, and supporters around the world who have taken our fledgling ideas and helped them soar!

Dot matrix map showing the Greenworks world gear symbols in Brazil, US Virgin Islands, Ukraine, Iran, South Korea, and Indonesia, Agavi agave logo in Romania, and Sustainable States purple gaming dice with green leaf hand in California.  Pictures of all volunteers working with Science Voices as of early 2024 are scattered across the map.  There is a big 5! in the middle of the map with a starburst behind it.

Greenworks Cohort 1

After completion of the Greenworks Teacher Development program in late 2023, cohort 1 has progressed to the implementation stage of Greenworks.  During 2024, teachers from Brazil, Indonesia, Ukraine, and the US Virgin Islands will be coordinating local students and communities to implement environmental stewardship projects as designed by students and their partner communities.  Stay tuned for future updates as these innovative teams deploy their projects throughout the first half of 2024.

Jatai bee silhouette in a yellow hexagon

Beeworks (Guapimel)


Led by Dr. Roberto Greco at the University of Campinas, working with the Guapiruvu agroforestry community on native beekeeping projects.

Roberto Greco
Volcano erupting a leaf in a lightbulb silhouette on a green gear

Greenworks Ternate


Led by Dr. Zandy Zain at Khairun University, working on developing an environmental projects incubator with business and marketing students.

Zandy Zain
Broom with sparkles on a river silhouette on a blue circle

Clean Rivers (Чисті Ріки)


Led by Dr. Ihor Bubniak at Lviv Polytechnic, working with the Bolekhiv Carpathian Mountains community on river health and geotourism projects.

Ihor Bubniak
Telescope silhouette on light purple palm trees silhouetted on a dark purple star

Astrosustainability Incubator

US Virgin Islands

Led by Dr. Brice Orange at Etelman Observatory, working with the University of the Virgin Islands Astronomy Club on science-business partnerships around St. Thomas.

Brice Orange
180 Degrees Consulting Logo

180 Degrees Consulting Project

We’re happy to be partnering with 180 Degrees Consulting (Georgia Tech chapter) on further developing the Greenworks Global Classroom.  Over the course of the next few months, students from Georgia Tech will be working with our Greenworks Community Manger, Anirudh, to find partnerships for the Greenworks Cohort 1 Beeworks (Guapimel) project in Brazil.  We’re aiming to build a community of knowledge and action around the native beekeeping project that will result in an exchange of skills and knowledge (and hopefully eventually students!).

Greenworks Junior

In addition to our university Greenworks program, the Teacher Development program attracted a number of primary and secondary school teachers who were interested in the curriculum and implementing it in their own schools.  Over the course of 2024, Jim Morgan of Ivy Collegiate School in South Korea and Soodeh Sepehri of Maaref High School in Iran will be working to pilot a junior version of Greenworks for future development.

Greenworks Junior
Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan

Ivy Collegiate School

South Korea

Soodeh Sepehri

Soodeh Sepehri

Maaref High School


Annual Report

As always, we’ve published our annual report on activities and project progress at Science Voices.  You can read the short report, which contains infographics on the organization as well as updates on Greenworks, Agavi, and Sustainable States.

2023 Annual Report