13 December 2022

Lev Horodyskyj


Happy holidays to everyone who celebrates this time of year!  We have a lot to celebrate this year, with the successful deployment of the Greenworks program in Brazil, Indonesia, and Ukraine.  In addition, our Greenworks program was shortlisted for the Sustainability Education award from QS Reimagine Education!

QS Reimagine Education Sustainability Award Shortlisting

QS Reimagine Education - Shortlisted - Sustainability Education (2022)

Greenworks Indonesia

Three instructors at the front of an outdoor space covered in green tarpaulin, with one teacher speaking to a group of adults sitting in chairs in front of her.
A student stands in front of netting draped under a bridge that is trapping plastic bottles and other waste near the ocean murals off to the left

The trash-trapping netting is up (photo to the left) and the canal clean-up project is complete.  Thanks to all the faculty and students at Khairun University who were involved with the project, from conceptualization to oversight to execution.

In addition to the completed project, Dr. Halik Umasangaji helped lead a public education event to discuss plastic pollution, climate change, and sustainability issues on the island of Ternate, along with ten other instructors (photo above).  The event drew a crowd of 60 people who lived in the neighborhoods surrounding the mural project.

Our trip to Ternate is set for early February where we’ll be checking in on all our Greenworks projects as well as recording episodes for the new season of our podcast Global.Science.  We’re looking forward to sharing this journey with you!