5 January 2021

Lev Horodyskyj


Happy new year everyone!  I hope the new year treats you better than the previous one did.  This year as we work to develop our Agavi and Greenworks projects, we’ll also be working on building their associated communities.  To more effectively build these communities, we want to hear from you!  Where do you teach?  What have been your experiences teaching science?  Have you tried anything interesting that worked or didn’t work in the classroom or with the public?  Do you have an approach you want to share with other teachers?  We’re looking for writers for the blog.  You can do a one-off or a series of articles, it’s up to you.  If interested, get in touch either via the Get Involved link above or e-mailing me at [email protected].

For the next few weeks, I’ll be reflecting on my teaching work at the University of the Virgin Islands, where I am teaching introductory physics.  This week I’ll be discussing observation journals I did with my students, which seem to be a promising approach to connecting students with scientific processes.  Next week I’ll discuss labs-at-home, another approach with more mixed results that nonetheless could have potential when we’re all back in the classroom.